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Enjoy Online Bingo

On this page you will find the detailed rules of an online bingo game.

To allow you to gradually get acquainted with the game, we recommend that you first of all the three steps to follow the "step-by-stap' page and then pass below to be taken by the rules of the game. * Tip: these rules, you can also request while playing by pressing the Info button "rules" it can be different at online bingo rooms


Bingo is a real "Multi Player" game. That is to say that it is possible to use more than one people to play simultaneously. We offer the possibility to choose from several different 'Rooms' (playrooms) which can be played. The number of participants leeway limited and depending on the ticket price. There are play areas where you can play to 0.05 cents, 0.10 cents, 0.25 cents, 0.50 cents and free to play areas with high card price is naturally paid more prize money.

The bingo card

The basic principle of the bingo game based on the ticking of a total of 24 numbers, which in a grid of five by five subjects are shown and where the middle box remains blank. The vertical rows are indicated with the letters 'BING-O'. Numbers in the B-column, described are out of the range of 1 t / m 15, numbers in the I-column are in the range 16 t / m 30, numbers in the N-column are in the range 31 t / m 45, numbers in the G-column are in the range 46 t / m and 60 numbers in the O-column are in the range 61 t / m 75. The numbers are not on number sequence printed so very many different combinations are possible. Identification cal auctions will therefore not occur. Nevertheless, it is of course that it is possible to have on multiple simultaneous auctions 'bingo' falls. In that case, the amount in the prize fair distributed over the number of winning tickets.

"Play for Real"

You will only win prizes if paid for bingo cards. As long as the clock pause still is counting auctions can be used with a maximum of ten units per participant. Before buying auctions, you must upgrade plays well through the 'CASHIER' (Optional PLAY FOR REAL), bottom right of the game screen. If your balance is sufficient for you your auctions, as long as the clock counts down, committed by one or more of the ten-BUY' buttons to clicks. The button 'BUY 1' has the same function. With the 'BUY All' button you can with one click all (ten) auctions simultaneously deploy, if your balance is sufficient. The 'AUTOBUY'-button can be used to automatically typesetting in one and the same number of lottery tickets in a next round as if in the previous round. Statistically, that with the more tickets they play, the more chance you have to win cash prizes.

"Play for Fun"

By clicking (several times) to '1' FUN 'can be played for free. Funspelers have time-limited access to a chosen latitude. After a period of time is asked to choose a different play or 'for real' to play with. Be no prizes awarded to participants who play along with free auctions; wear free auctions After all, nothing to the prize pool. Free online bingo games with a chance of real cash prizes click here


The prize winning depend on the number of participants playing along and the number numerous auctions that they bought together. Potprijs of 30% for the 'PATTERN pot (patroonpot> pattern as shown top right of the game screen) and 70% for the pot with a full card. On the right side of the game screen is the current state of the patternpot and the pot for a card to read. At the moment that there is a pattern rate or price on a full card cases, this is communicated with a pop-up in the games screen and a special sound.

Bonus pool

In addition to the pot for a full pattern and the pot for a full card there is the bonus pool. The 'Bonus (pot) round "starts at the moment that a certain number of lots in a play space has been sold. Determine the participants in relevant play that way himself within which occurs a new bonus round for term. A pot anyway been running in the course of the game, but during the bonus round is this further increased by 7.50 euros extra for a full pattern and a whopping 17.50 euros extra for a full card. We announce the bonus round to the right hand side of the game screen, at the time that the break clock will count down to zero.


At the bottom of the game screen, you will find somethimes a 'bingo chat "where players together meet and together chat.

Let's find a bingo room to play!

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€500 Free Welcome Package and a Free Chance to Win €100,000.00 at CyberBingo
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